Ezeefit Booties Skins


Ankle Booties! The multi sport solution! Protects sensitive heels from rubbing and blisters,  Great, form fitting pull-on anti-blister Booties, that allow your foot to grip your footwear better.

This latest ankle bootie EzeefitskinsTM is marginally thicker (.087mm) than the previous Ultrathin version but is considerably softer and has much more stretch. It also has a microfiber interior (logo goes on the outside) which feels like silk against your skin.

The new Skins material also provides a bit more padding than the previous Ultrathin material, yet takes up no more room. The light gray color disappears under a sock.

Sizing Guide (UK Sizing) XX-Small 10uk – 12uk X-Small 13uk – 2uk Small 3uk – 5uk Medium 6uk – 8uk Large 9uk – 11uk – Size: XXS – 10-12


International Shipping

International shipping of Irish dancewear

We can ship to Europe and other destinations via DHL, however,  due to the current situation the price varies almost daily - please contact us directly if you need international shipping.

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XXS = 10-12, XS = 13 – 2


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