Breaking in Heavy Shoes

Breaking in Heavy Shoes – Do’s and Donts


  • Begin by wearing the shoes around the house regularly so that they can start to soften and mould to your feet.
  • Spend time bending the shoes by hand, especially around the arch.
  • Bend the shoe at the arch and use a rubber band to hold the shape, leave them overnight.
  • Use a SMALL amount of Vaseline to soften the inside of the shoe if necessary.
  • Wear Skin Shields, Skins or Blister Pads (all available at The Feis Shop) to prevent blisters or rubbing.
  • Hold toe stands and practice pointing in them.
  • Be committed and consistent, new shoes won’t get broken in if they are left in their box and you are still wearing your old ones!
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!


  • Use water or go anywhere near water! Many people have heard the myth that soaking or steaming your shoes makes them easier to break in, it doesn’t! Water dries out leather and makes it tougher. Water will also affect the stitching and glue used to hold the shoe together.
  • Use heat. Heavy shoes are not designed to withstand heat, the glue used to hold the shoe together will also melt if heat is applied.
  • Leave your shoes bent under furniture for long periods of time. Whilst this will bend the arch it will also damage it, and the shoe will not be moulded to your foot. Shoes can look ‘baggy’ if they are bent incorrectly.
  • Leave it until the last minute. Breaking in heavy shoes is a process, we recommend buying and breaking in a new pair before your old shoes are no longer usable.

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Breaking in Heavy Shoes