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Hullachan Hug Irish Dance Shoes


Hullachan Hugs offer Irish dancers a revolutionary new design concept, which creates the perfect heel shape – every time. Yes, every time!
It has been on secret test with dancers around the world and the positive feedback has been overwhelming. The test dancers were amazed by how secure they feel on the foot and the confidence it gave them when they danced. The test dancers also loved how they looked on the foot, with curved, beautifully shaped heel and a clean arch profile.
New Heel Hugging Material
The design team have replaced the leather at the back of the Hugs, with a new heel hugging material, which shapes around the dancer’s heel to create a personalised fit and streamlined look, whatever the shape of your heel.
When you dance the shape of your heel is continually changing, depending on whether you are pointing your feet, leaping through the air, or up high on your toes. Hullachan Hug heels continually adapts while you dance, ensuring the pumps feel secure at all times, whatever the step.
You will be amazed at the difference.
Clever Insoles
Hullachan Hugs are fitted with the much loved Clever Insoles (TM).
Clever Insoles (TM), are exclusive to Hullachan and provide a unique, dual layer of cushioning and protection for the foot. This is essential if you are a committed Irish dancer, attending several classes a week and competing regularly.
Clever insoles absorbs over 90% of impact, protecting knees, hips and ankles from small strains which can impact your longer term performance. No dancer wants to step back from a competition due to injury, so let our Clever Insoles take the strain so you can focus on performing at your very best.

International & Shipping to Ireland

International shipping of Irish dancewear

We can ship to Europe and other destinations via DHL, however,  due to the current situation the price varies almost daily - please contact us directly if you need international shipping.

We ship to all areas of the Republic of Ireland via DHL and the cost will be applied to your order, however, please be aware that there may be an additional customs charge to pay.

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Adults 7.5, Children's 10, Children's 1.5, Adults 8, Children's 10.5, Children's 2.5, Children's 11, Children's 3.5, Children's 11.5, Children's 4, Children's 12, Children's 4.5, Children's 12.5, Children's 5, Children's 13, Children's 5.5, Children's 13.5, Adults 6, Children's 1, Adults 6.5, Children's 2, Adults 7, Children's 3

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