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Taping Heavy Shoes

This is part of our “How to” series on choosing and using Irish Dancewear, Taping Heavy Shoes is definitely another popular question, so here’s a video and a text instructions in case you prefer that.

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Begin with the shoe tied as normal with the laces in a double knot. If necessary, and if you feel your shoes are loose use black electrical tape to hold the shoe in place. Go round areas that need to be more secure, such as: the heel and underneath the shoe. This will be covered up with tape so does not need to be neat.

Start at the front of the shoe, using white electrical tape. We suggest, starting from two eyelets back. Wind the tape round the shoe, pulling it tightly as you do so and smoothing out any bumps. Ensure you meet up with the tape where you started. Continue this until the upper black parts of the shoe are covered and smooth the tape together.

To finish off the look we suggest using black electrical tape to go round the heel of the shoe.

Taping shoes is not necessary however it does create a neater look.

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