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Fay’s Celtic Choice


Highest quality Irish Dancing Pump design with 100% strong leather upper and sole for comfort and durability. All Pumps are fitted with full cushioned Poron insoles (between the inner and outer sole), for cushioning and heavy shock absorbing on the heel and metatarsal areas to protect the feet.

Well fitting pump with perfect foot shaping Fays Celtic Choice Dance Pumps are the latest in technology with an ultra flexible suede split sole design and special arch stitching which emphasizes the dancers natural arch. For comfort, Celtic Choice have no seam which reduces friction and irritation around the toe area, and refined heels which hug the shape of the heel not allowing for any access room in these areas so the pump feel secure during movement. Really heavy shock absorbing with this ultra flexible black suede sole and full cushioned Poron insole between inner and outer sole to protect your feet.

Suitable for all levels, recommended for championship dancers and show dancers.

International & Shipping to Ireland

International shipping of Irish dancewear

We can ship to Europe and other destinations via DHL, however,  due to the current situation the price varies almost daily - please contact us directly if you need international shipping.

We ship to all areas of the Republic of Ireland via DHL and the cost will be applied to your order, however, please be aware that there may be an additional customs charge to pay.

Additional information

Shoe Size

Adults 8, Children's 10, Children's 2.5, Children's 9, Children's 11, Children's 3.5, Children's 11.5, Children's 4, Children's 12, Children's 4.5, Children's 12.5, Children's 5, Children's 13, Children's 5.5, Children's 13.5, Adults 6, Children's 1, Adults 6.5, Children's 2, Adults 7, Children's 3, Adults 7.5, Children's 1.5

How to tie the Fay's Celtic Choice Pump


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