Finding the Right Heavy Shoes for Irish Dancing

Finding the Right Heavy Shoes

Finding the Right Heavy Shoes

Beginner/Intermediate Dancer – The Essential Jig Shoe

Made and designed by Antonio Pacelli, the Essential jig shoe is a fabulous jig shoe for beginners and intermediate level dancers. The suede sole has been designed to be very flexible but still offer support to the foot. Ensuring beginner and intermediate dancers can point easily without compromise. The Leinster heel has also been designed so that it has a curved bubble on the inside, to make heel clicks a lot easier. The perfect shoe for a beginner or intermediate dancer, at a competitive price!

Prelim/Championship Dancer – Fays

When it comes to shoes for prelim and championship dancers, we feel there is no better option than Fay’s Ultra Flexis or Ultra Lights.

The key features of both shoes:

  • Highest quality Irish Dancing shoe design made entirely with 100% calf leather providing terrific flexibility and durability.
  • Moulded click heels which aid in easier heel clicks.
  • Fays specially formulated Millenium Tip with many years of refinement and fine-tuning, providing an excellent sharp sound, very tough and durable.
  • Flattened toe delivering extra support and balance during toe stands.
  • Made with experience, worn by champions, and guaranteed to last.

Fay’s Ultra Light Jig Shoes

The Ultra Light range was launched in 2014. The Ultra Lights are the lightest of all Fay’s shoes, they are designed for dancers who struggle to break in heavies. The heel stiffeners have been reduced to avoid blisters and they are also made from more lightweight and flexible materials. Because of their flexibility, they are also an effective choice for dancers who find pointing or toe stands challenging. Ultra Lights also come with Hi-tech heels for that extra sharp sound. We recommend ordering the Ultra Lights a half size smaller than your regular shoe size for a tighter fitting.

Fay’s ultra-light Jig Shoes are the perfect choice for prelim or championship dancers who require a light and flexible shoe.

Fay’s Ultra Flexi with Black Suede Sole

The Ultra Flexi range is also very suitable for experienced dancers. Whilst they are not as light or flexible as the Ultra Light range, we believe they are more durable. The Ultra Flexis are a great choice for dancers who are confident with pointing, toe stands and breaking in shoes. If you feel your Fay’s Ultralights become too soft or ‘baggy’ overtime these are also more suitable. High-density heels are also screwed on to the shoe for a terrific sharp sound and added strength.

Fay’s ultra Flexi heavy shoes are an excellent choice for championship dancers requiring durable shoes.

How to choose heavy shoes

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